About the Search Engine Feature of This Site

         The search engine feature of this site is a work in progress, that should be completed sometime soon.  The help of any volunteer web-editors who might be able to volunteer one hour or more per week, would be much appreciated in order to speed this process.  If you or someone you might know might be interested in this, you would be most welcome to contact the webmasters of this site at:

acimwebmasters@miraclevision.com .

Donations (donations accepted only as direct payments made from donors to software services provider companies) are also gratefully accepted.  All work done on this project by ACIM students is volunteer work.  The only outside service which may be contracted, should it be found to be necessary, is the authoring of certain portions of the search engine feature.
         Prior to the full completion of this search engine project, a partial search engine is available on this site with the ability to search the Standard 2nd edition of ACIM, and to deliver search results linked to the United Beings site.  Upon completion of this feature in the near future, search results will remain contained within this site.