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Editorial Forward

© 1976, All rights reserved by Foundation for A Course In Miracles. The following Preface is distributed only as permitted by the publisher. No part of the Preface that follows may be distributed by any means, without the prior written permission of the publisher. For more information about this material, or to find out how to purchase a printed copy of this material in book form, please visit:


The webmasters of this site wish to express their grateful acknowledgment to the copyright holders for allowing the use of this material on this website.  We would also like to thank all of the many individuals, both known and anonymous who have freely given of their time, energies and talents, in many different ways, from before the time Helen Schucman first began to put pen to paper, until now, to make this online version of ACIM possible.

The fine tuning of the html formatting for certain portions of this site is not yet complete, however the initial uploading and conversion of the textual content is finally complete.  Please bear with us over the next few months, as we complete the fine tuning of the html formatting, to give this site a more consistent appearance, and as we also fully integrate the search-capabilities of this site.  For more information about the search-capabilities of this site, you can click on: ACIM Search Capabilities.

For additional information about the history of this site, please visit the Editorial Forward Page for the Workbook.

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