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I've been a student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) since 1989.  Still, the many unexpected and astonishing ways that The Course works in my life, never cease to amaze me.

Reasons for Uploading This Edition of ACIM.  I was first motivated to HTML-ize and upload this version of ACIM onto the internet for three reasons, one very selfish reason, one legal reason, and one very practical reason.  The selfish reason was that modern technology had finally bestowed upon me a cell phone that could actually browse the web.  The legal reason is that the the Criswell edition of ACIM was finally released into the public domain ca: October of 2003.  The practical reason was because as of January 1, 2005, it appeared that the only other person (or people) to have done this so far was Chuck Anderson of Endeavor Academy of Wisconsin.

Where the Graphics Came From.  Sometime in February I noticed that some others had also started the same project, namely Tom Fox and Carmen Cameron who posted their uploaded version at http://acim.home.att.net, which I will refer to as the Criswell/ ATT Site.  I am calling it this due to the fact that they used the Criswell edition of ACIM as their source material.  You may notice that my site is quite similar to their site.  This is because I liked their header graphic and angel graphic so much that I asked them if I could use them here, to which they most graciously agreed.  You may also notice that there are some significant differences between the Criswell/ ATT site and this site as well. 

Copyright Considerations.  In so far as the workbook is concerned, it appears that all significant copyright restrictions have been removed from this, thus, this was my first project at uploading ACIM.  There appears to be almost no difference between the Criswell edition and the Standard 2nd edition, but that is a matter that I have yet to study further.

Study Planning Guides, Notes, Bolding and Links Added.  In order to make my own study easier, I have made some minor formatting modifications to the Criswell edition of ACIM.  As could only be expected, no changes to the original text, whatsoever have been made.  As such, in order to distinguish the edition of the Workbook found on this site from the original Criswell edition, from this point onwards I will refer to the edition found on this site as the Criswell/ Miracle Vision Online edition with Study Planning Guides.  Bolding and italicizing have been added wherever it seemed that they might be most helpful.  Just as in the original Criswell edition, the Criswell/ Miracle Vision Online edition does not have the complete numbering system as found in the standard printed edition of the Workbook.  Some more significant additions found in the Criswell/ Miracle Vision Online edition are as follows:

The goal of these additions is to make the study of the ACIM Workbook simpler and more intuitive, and to assure that by following these simple notices and links, no section of the Workbook might accidentally be skipped over by a student.

All Study Planning Guide Additions Clearly Marked as Such.  All such additions as listed above are clearly annotated as editorial editions, in order to make absolutely certain that no confusion might occur about which portions come from which sources or editors.  It is my belief that since the 2003 release of the Criswell edition of ACIM into the public domain, it becomes a solemn responsibility and duty of anyone who would seek to add to this extraordinary text in any way, to make certain that any such additions are always and everywhere clearly noted as such.  

One inescapable correction of grammar was made in lesson #130.  The correction changed the sentence: "Who can desire what he does not want to have reality?" to the sentence:
"Who can desire that he does not want to have reality?"

For more information about the recent release of The Criswell edition into the public domain, you can visit the Foundation for Inner Peace.

All comments, suggestions, typo errors found, or offers to help with any of this work, getting ACIM onto the Internet, are gratefully accepted at acimwebmasters@miraclevision.com.

Scott Perry 6/20/05              

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